I was born and raised in Michigan, which is where I will probably always live. I'm very passionate about what I make and I'm very grateful to get to do what I love everyday, which is creating art that hopefully gets a certain message across to somebody. At the end of the day, If I can get one person to stop and stare or think about something I've made, then I consider my time well spent on this Earth.

What kind of paper do I use?

  • I use heavy weight 8x11 Bristol paper for all of my original pieces of artwork
  • I use 8x11 (A4) Premium Presentation Matte paper w/ a thickness of 51LB/192G/M for all of my prints

What Kind of markers/pens do I use?

  • I use a Copic Multiliner A2 pen set for all of my outlining and fine inking
  • I use Posca Paint Markers for all of my black filler, and any color details

Do I do commission work?

It depends on how simple your idea is. I don’t like making tattoo designs because I feel the added pressure and anxiety to get it right just isn’t worth it to me. I do Illustrated Commission work on a piece of 8x11 heavy weight Bristol paper for $100-$150 for personal drawings and I'd have to quote you personally if it's for business related reasons such as a brand, band, or any other type of resale. If I get a good vibe from you, your chances of me working with you are much better. But if you come to me without a solid plan of execution or references I will probably deny the request.

Can you get my work tattooed on you?

Absolutely! You can PayPal me $25 USD per tattoo design to: darkerdaysdetroit@gmail.com

I don’t charge because I’m greedy, I charge because I have to make a living too. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation with me on this. Please feel free to send me a picture of the finished product!